In school

Hey yall!
I'm currently in school, at my web design class and I'm finished with my project to build a web site and have quite some time left over. And since the key board here misses the last three letters in the swedish alphabet it's easier for me to write in english. 
I have been so terribly bad at updating my blog lately, and I apologize for that! Once again I'm gonna try to get better. Not only for you guys, but also for myself to have as a memory to look back at. 
It's crazy how long I've been here now! More than six months! Can you imagine!? I surely can't! The time just keep running away from me and it's almost scary how fast it's been. I mean, February is almlost over, I'm going to Hawaii in about 2 weeks and after that we have spring break and easter and then it's prom and I supose next time I blink it's time to go back. I don't feel ready to go home yet though. I still have so much more to experience and do! But people ask me how I feel about going home, if I'm ready to leave America. I don't know. It's gonna be totally amazing to go back and see everybody again and eat KEBAB (something that I have been craving for weeks now!!!)  But at the same time it's gonna be aweful to leave everybody here, so I'm torn! 
Last weekend Hedvig was here! That was FANTASTIC! And I will write a post about that, I promise! We had sooo much fun and it was amazing to see each other again after 6 months! 
Gonna wrap this up now and just comment on the crazyness I feel about the new exchangestudents that's going this year! It is unbelievable that it's almost your turn. It feels like yesterday I was waiting for my turn to go! reading A LOT of blogs. I will try to be a better blogger for you guys too. So tell me what you want to kow, maybe you would appriciate a guide/tips page. 
Okay, I guess i'm just mesmerized about how fast the time pasts, well except from the classes that seems to wanna take FOREVER! But only 15 minutes left now then it's time for choir... </3

Postat av: Sofia

Tycker din blogg är bra/intressant! Ska Själv åka som utbytesstudent nu i sommar och du har ju vart i USA mer än hälften av tiden nu.. Så om du har tid så skulle du kunna skriva om lite allmäna tips för framtida studenter, som du tycker är bra att tänka på inför ett år i USA :) Hoppas du har det fantastiskt bra ! kram

2013-02-22 @ 17:38:58
Postat av: Hedvig

Hahah kebab<3333

2013-02-23 @ 05:32:59

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