1 januari 2013

Skrev det här på facebook idag, tycker det beskriver mitt år lite grann!
I really hope everybody had a great nye and a great year 2012. My year was quite an adventure. It started on August 9 when I boarded a flight that would take me to the other side of the world. Well, with delayed flights and hours and hours of waiting in Paris first ofc... 

In 2012 I left everybody I love, my friends and my family, my life. Everything that I knew anything about. I was lucky to have my friend with me on the long travel from Sweden to New York, and lucky to get to know new amazing people on our long and exhausting travel. 
But in New York MY adventure started, I was heading to Clarksville, a town I didn’t know existed a couple of weeks earlier. I was going to attend Rossview High School and live with the Poelkings. That was about the information I had, but I didn’t hesitated.
I’m proud of myself and what I accomplished in 2012. I’ve been growing as a person and have gotten to know amazing people not only from the US, but from all around the world! I also have two families now! one in Sweden and one here. 

This year has been the most challenging for me so far, but also the most incredible! I am happy I took the chance to do this and I am happy that my 2012 will be a year to remember.

Happy New Year!

Postat av: Mamma

Vad fint... Puss mamma

2013-01-01 @ 20:37:26
Postat av: Emma


2013-01-01 @ 21:14:34
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Postat av: Eva M

Ni är så modiga du och Hedvig. Hoppas att ditt 2013 fortsätter att ge dig massor med nya roliga upplevelser att minnas.

2013-01-02 @ 08:15:19
Postat av: Lillhagamamma

Lovisa! You Will always cherish your memories from this past year and of course this upcoming semester ! You should be proud of yourself ! So now We're just waiting to heat about american dates! I am sure there is à lot of gyus having à secret crush on the beutiful Swede living in the P family....;)god fortsättning på 2013 snart är det juni! Kram

2013-01-02 @ 14:41:16

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