Twitter Timeout #4: #foreignprobs


Läste den här artikeln skriven av en svensk utbytesstudent i USA. Tyckte den var väldigt bra, så jag rekommenderar er verkligen att läsa hela!! 

Twitter Timeout #4: #foreignprobs

The information I am about to reveal is sacred. Only a specific group walking around at this earth knows the details of this way of living; the pros, the cons, the secret awkwardness. No matter in which way I explain no one will fully understand other than those who experienced the adventure themselves, but this is an attempt. It is time to uncover the concealed legacy how to interpret, how to act around and what it is like to be a foreign exchange student.

Twitter timeout logoBut first, to make something clear; yes. We do have roads in our countries, too. And cars, and schools, and houses. We do shave, we do have electricity and we do have dogs and cats. No, some of us have never seen snow before and some of us spend 6 months of the year with a white covered ground. If we live in the Scandinavian countries it does not mean that we live next to Santa Claus, and we do not necessarily have the same weather conditions as the north pole. And talking about Scandinavia, it is not a country, neither is Europe. We do speak our native language in our home country, not English. Except for in Great Britain, of course. Our music on the radio is 75% the same as yours, not translated. Drinking age is lower and driving is higher, we usually speak a minimum of three languages and there is a big chance that we never have had Taco Bell or Chick-Fil-A before. Yes, we’re still alive.

Most important, however, is that other than that we are just like you.

On twitter it’s easy to find all of these so called foreignprobs. The hashtag is not only used by the exchange students, but also friends, host siblings or even teachers. There are several accounts made of and for exchange students, pumping out the problems and making the followers nod, agree and retweet endlessly. Like many other groups, events or types of “probs”, the life of being foreign have gotten its own section in the social network. There are some foreign probs more common than others; if you haven’t done your research I promise; you will thank me.

If you get the glorified chance to speak with a foreigner; be prepared. We might just smile and nod after you asked a long and interesting question, and that is not because we don’t care to answer; it is simply because we had no idea what you just said but we still want to seem friendly. This is a sign for you to repeat and slow down. Probably twice. We will also forgive you when you do the same thing, some of our accents are difficult to understand.

There is a big risk that we might look a little bit different at the end of the year, a change might occur in the horizontal direction. We love Americas huge range of food chains, and of course we have to try them all. Several times a week. The foreign-pounds are no myth, all the Reese’s, Frozen Yogurt, and Hershey’s won’t really go in through our mouths and out from our ears – it have to stick somewhere. That is why we would love for you to get us into some sports, take us to the gym or simply just drive us to the next restaurant. Everything for the experience. Which takes me to the next problem.

On the behalf of every foreigner, past, present or future, this is a we are sorry and a thank you, since we might not say it enough. If you do have a car, we will need rides. A lot of them. We might live way out of your route, and we are so very thankful that you still offers to come picking us up. It is not at all that we are using you; you are our friend and we love hanging out with you and we really just do not have another way to get to places. We are sincerely sorry for wasting your gas. We do not either know how much gas money we are supposed to give you when the dollar confuses us, since we do have a different currency. However, after a couple of months we should be used to the gas prices and if we still by this time aren’t helping out enough, you should suspect that we are pulling the foreign card on you. Friends, for this we are sorry, it has become a habit.

Teachers/fellow classmates, for this we are not sorry. The foreign card is named for a reason. We will use our accents to talk our way out of sticky situations, especially if our grades may be in danger. Either we will speak in a way where our teacher won’t understand us at all, which will make them pull the nod-and-smile act and give up, or we will  have a really confused look on our faces and repeat “I just don’t understand this” which will make them feel sorry for us. We have the foreign card and we will pull it. The excuse of being the lost-and-misplaced-foreign can get you out of the worst situations.


Jokes aside though, carrying the foreign-card does not only give you perks. We love being asked questions, we love joking around with our accents and we love the food. But as a reminder, we are living on the other side of the earth from our families, our friends and our regular lives. Everything we were used to is now many miles and probably a heavy time difference away. This might be exactly what some of us were looking for, to get away, while some of us might just be looking for an adventure. Whatever the reason is, there will be some days we miss home a little bit more than others, which does not mean that we don’t want to be here. Being an exchange student will make you gain not only weight, but also a mental strength from having to deal with tough situations – not everything can be dealt with by pulling the foreign card. Because our life here is not only about being “the foreign”, it can also be about figuring out who we are or who we want to be. However, the greatest thing with an exchange year might be just that, with every “foreign-prob” we face, we will learn something which will only be positive in the end. The easy problems circulating on twitter will make us smile, and the ones that might be a little bit deeper will only make us stronger. Together, it will build who we are.

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